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Herbal Vitamins

Herbal VitaminsHerbs and vitamins are closely associated. Most herbs contain certain kinds of vitamins, and vitamins are naturally derived from..

Herbal Vitamins

Herbal Vitamins

Herbs and vitamins are closely associated. Most herbs contain certain kinds of vitamins, and vitamins are naturally derived from living things, and that includes plants. From this close association, the concept for herbal vitamins emerged.

When we deal with herbal vitamins, we are basically dealing with those herbal based vitamins or vitamins that are derived from herbs. Just like the vitamins that are taken from animal sources, herbal vitamins must also be absorbed in the body by means of supplying it in the diet or in the dietary supplements. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the human body cannot manufacture or synthesize the herbal vitamins.

Herbal vitamins are very essential to the proper functioning of the human body. In fact, they are very significant for our growth, vitality, as well as for our general well being. One of the great misconceptions in the world today is the notion that herbal vitamins can replace food. The fact still remains that they cannot replace food. It is in fact considered by some experts that herbal vitamins cannot be incorporated without consuming food. For this reason, the herbal vitamins are greatly taken along with a meal.

For further information, herbal vitamins assist in the regulation of metabolism. Aside from that, they also aid in transforming the fat and carbohydrates into the form of energy. And in turn, herbal vitamins aid in the formation of tissues and bones.

Perhaps one of the best examples of herbal vitamins is the vitamin A or beta-carotene which is greatly needed in the body, especially for growth and repair of body tissues. Many herbs contain this vitamin, especially those that are use specifically for maintaining a smooth and soft disease-free skin. Aside from that, this form of herbal vitamins also counteracts night blindness and weak eyesight. In particular, the herb known as agrimony or what many people call as “plant healing to eyes” is particularly one of the sources of herbal vitamins.

Today, herbal vitamins supplements are now offered in many health food stores, and one of those is the herbal vitamin known as Vitalerbs. This is composed of the alfalfa, dandelion, kelp, purple duce, and some other combinations of useful herbs. From the combination alone, vitamins like ascorbic acid, biotin, calcium, choline, and pantothenic acid, iodine, iron, and others are greatly found. It is noted that this herbal vitamin is easier to digest for the fact that they are whole foods. This form of herbal vitamins is now widely distributed for its proven safety and effectiveness.